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At Creative Beeston HQ we have been putting our heads together to find new ways to help local creatives. After a lot of coffee and some sleepless nights we have come up with the perfect solution.

As our background is design and web development so it was only sensible to utilize these skills, so with this in mind we have supercharged our servers and can now proudly offer a free website to all registered users!

Come and join the fun!

Once registered you will be allowed to register a address to show off your work, blog about your band or have a simple about us page.

We have been developing this using WordPress and the web site building theme Divi. The amazing guys at Elegant Theme have a bit of information in the video below

This is still in beta at the moment and we are looking for a few people to test the whole process. If you are interested please leave a comment below, tweet us @creativebeeston or have a chat with us on

But where is the catch?

That’s the beauty, there isn’t one.

All we have done is placed a Google advert at the bottom of all sites along with the Creative Beeston badge. The whole site is yours!

We will be approving the sites as they come in and as long as they are not offensive, pornographic and or offering or promoting illegal products or services then there wont be a problem. We have the right to refuse submissions but I’m sure it won’t come to that.

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  1. Laura Williams

    Hi there!

    I am so super interested in creative Beeston and the meet up organised on June 5th. I started a jewellery side project about a year ago and really feel like now is the time to flourish. It’s a very exciting time for Beeston! I am also interested in creating a good website.

    Looking forward to meeting creative thinkers!

    Kind regards,

    Laura Williams

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